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The fear of the blank page never goes away, especially as you get ready to embark on a new journey that might change things for you in new and exciting ways. So, who is behind the camera?

Well, me! As so many photographers out there, I started to be fascinated by photography at an early age. I was initially self-taught, but also took courses at Uni. I never stop learning and pushing myself. Even now I am always looking for sources of inspiration to create my next photo project.

Photography for me is not only a means of artistic expression, but also the way in which I relate and connect to the visible world. I would like to share my vision of the world with you, so here I am.

In my page you will find the things that excite me like street photography, street portraits, studio portraits, and still lifes. The place where I have pushed myself the most have been on my self-portraits, which are more experimental and personal in nature. My blog will be the space where I will share my journey, a kind of photo-journaling, but hopefully with plenty of good information for you to apply to your own photography (tips, tricks, artists that inspire me, analysis of my own photos and the photos of others, exhibition reviews, etc.). I want this blog space to be a learning experience no just for me, but for whomever happens to stumble upon it while searching for something else.

And that's it! Welcome!

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