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In the past couple of years I have been extremely lucky to have exhibited my work in a couple of galleries in London and at the Camera Club. Some of these exhibitions have been in person, and some have been virtual, as they were done during lockdown. Below you will find the places where my work has been shown. I hope to keep adding to this page as my work continues to develop. 

2020 Pandemic: Visions of London After People

26th September-27th October, 2023

Gallery 1885, The Camera Club, London

March 2020 is a date that will go down in our recent world history for many reasons. In London, this was the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdowns. The pulse of the city came to a halt. The people, which had been its lifeforce, were confined to their homes for their own protection and the protection of others. An unnatural silence fell over London and looking at its empty streets felt eerily post-apocalyptic. This exhibition represents a visual diary of these walks. The photos are organised chronologically, with the title of each page being the date when the photo was taken, followed by the specific location, and time (24 hour time format). It has been three years since I took these. It now feels like a lifetime ago. A lot has changed and nothing has changed. The city is once again buzzing with life, but this apparent return to normality has been affected by our shared experience of the pandemic lockdowns. I hope that this visual diary will help us remember and reflect on what we left behind and the journey ahead of us.

For more information about the project please visit my blog post about the exhibition. 

Open View 5th of October at 6:30 pm.

Closing View 27th of October at 6:30 pm.

Address: The Camera Club, 16 Bowden Street, London, SE11 4DS.

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25th May-18th June, 2022

The Camera Club, London

This is the Camera Club's Annual “Here we Come” Zagreb – London Exhibition Exchange project. It is a vibrant showcase of work by the talented photographers of The Camera Club. A wide range of work is steadily presented every year in London and Zagreb (Galerija Vladimira Horvata) by our members who have made a mark on the European Art Scene.

The Insomnia Triptych is part of my personal project Insomnia 2021, where I tried to capture what it felt like to suffer of this sleep condition due to the low-level but constant stress I felt during the lockdowns. The work tries to visualize the the haziness and dream-like quality of that in-between place. If you click on the image, it will take you to the online collection. 

Resilient Portraits 2020 Exhibition

30th March-15th April, 2022

The Camera Club, London

Resilient Portraits 2020 comprises a series of double-exposure portraits that capture the emotional turmoil that the photographer felt during the 2020 lockdowns brought about by the global coronavirus pandemic. They represent an exploration of her own mental health struggles through that difficult timeusing the textures found in nature and man-made environments as a way to externalise and give visual form to these

Poster Resilience (1).jpg

struggles. At times dark, pessimistic, and even burning with rage, pain and loneliness, her emotional journey is not without a glimmer of hope and transformation through a newfound state of resilience.

This was my first in person solo exhibition and it was extended till the 30th of April. Click on the image for a look at the project on my website. 

Exhibition Photo Books:
Photo book with full series (no words), hardback:
Short version with text and captions, paperback:

Copy of Poster Resilience.jpg

LIP Chronicles: Life Goes On

London Independent Photography Exhibition 2021

This was the 33rd Annual Exhibition of the London Independent Photography. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the exhibition was virtual, but the exhibition book was published with the photos. I submitted several for the Street Photography category and this one made it into the exhibition. If you want to learn more about LIP, you can visit their website HERE

Dancer in the Streets: Virtual Exhibition

Martin Delaney & Lily Lucia Gallery

The music is silent. The colours are muted. The dancer is caught in mid-motion for an eternity; but the potential of movement is right the next second that will never come because it has already happened. But the dancer, caught in mid-motion, reminds us of the beauty that the human body can enact with all the physicality that the motion entails. There are moments of flight, of magical contortions and bodily expressions that touch the soul.


 If dancing is poetry in motion,  a photograph steals the stanza and keeps a person hanging in the moment. And when the dancer is placed around the ordinary lives of ordinary people around a city that is anything but ordinary, then there is just everlasting beauty. A blend of dance and street photography, this series was done using a Fuji X-100T with a fixed lens (23mm, f2). The dancer is Jenn Vogtle (Instagram @Jenn_the_human), a London-based dancer and citizen of Planet Earth. Click the image to see the capture of the virtual exhibition on YouTube, or you can click HERE to see the collection on my website.  

18th October-22nd November 2021


Art Full Frame Street Photography Finalist

London during Lockdown 2020

London Photo Show 2021

In 2021 I submitted these photos to the Art Full Frame Street Photography contest and became a finalist. These photos were shown at the OXO Tower in London during London Photo Show 2021. These photos were part of my London After People project in which I tried to document this beautiful city during the lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Click the photo to see the full project on my website.  

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