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Canary Wharf Summer Lights

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

A couple of weeks ago my friend Elli asked me to go with her to Canary Wharf to see the Summer Lights (21 June-20 August). We had to postpone twice due to the heat, but by the time that we got there, let's just say that in London fashion we did not have much light. Still, we managed to walk around for a bit and find the installations that decorated the tiny parks and streets around one of the financial hearts of London.

Now, if you have seen my work on this website, you would have already figured out that I don't shoot in colour very often. Actually, even while walking around looking for colour, I somehow ended with these:

I find colour photography to be very challenging. First, I still have not found my "voice" in colour photographs. I feel like they could have been taken by anybody. The frame is still me, but I haven't gotten the consistent look that makes up for a personal style in terms of colour. So, at first I tried to compromise by masking, and having part of the picture in colour:

They are still very much within my street photography style, but look! There is a pop of colour! Weeeee!

Even this one managed to make it into the final cut and mostly because I love the contrast of geometric forms and patterns on it! I love patters! I love textures!

I am not sure why I can't find a middle ground with my colour is either bleached or it is wild. I must say that the Summer Lights at Canary Wharf gave me plenty of opportunities to play around with colour. For example, check out my shots of Love IRL by Stuart Langley at Adams Plaza (with selfie included):

Or my other photos of Gleammhhh by OGE Design Group at Upper Bank Street:

I still feel like I went a bit crazy with Pointillist Bird by Yoni Alter at Wren Landing:

This one I would have preferred it to be totally devoid of people, but I guess it was not going to happen. This is the work of Camille Walala called Captivated by Colour at Adams Plaza Bridge:

We did go up to Crossrail Place Roof Garden, and that was magical. It was like stepping into the domes of Starbase 1 of Star Trek where they have beautiful arboretums. They also played with coloured lights against the was lovely! I even managed to capture a spider:

So, there it is...colour is crazy and lovely and difficult! The Summer Lights at Canary Wharf were worth seeing and I wished I had found all the different pieces. Regardless, Canary Wharf is always worth a walk in the Summer. Even their outdoor mini-golf is colourful!

I leave this post with one of my favourite images of the day which had nothing to do with the Summer Ligths, except it reminded me of the work of the Impressionists.

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