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First Solo Exhibition Coming Up

I can't express how proud I am that my first solo exhibition is coming up at the end of the month at Gallery 1885 in The Camera Club, 16 Bowden Street, SE11 4DS, London ( Back in 2020, I created a series of self-portraits that I called Resilient Portraits, a few of which you can find on my website. The negative effects of living through a global pandemic have impacted us in different ways and we have all dealt with them as best as we could. From lockdowns and financial insecurity, to ill physical and mental health and has not been easy. To cope with the situation I turned to the one tool that has been my constant companion throuhgout my life: my camera. Photography gave me a way to connect with the world not only beyond the walls of my room, but within my own mind as well. As I result, I created two photography projects in response to the pandemic: London After People (street photography) and Resilient Portraits 2020 (fine arts self-portraits). It is the later one that finally sees the light of day in two printed photobooks (soon to be on sale on print on demand!) and my first solo exhibition. Check out the description below and if you are in London between the 30 March, 2022, and 15 April, 2022, go ahead and check it out. The gallery is free to visit during the opening hours of The Camera Club.

Resilent Portraits 2020 Description

Resilient Portraits 2020 comprises a series of double-exposure portraits that capture the emotional turmoil that the photographer felt during the 2020 lockdowns brought about by the global coronavirus pandemic. They represent an exploration of her own mental health struggles through that difficult time using the textures found in nature and man-made environments as a way to externalise and give visual form to these struggles. At times dark, pessimistic, and even burning with rage, pain and loneliness, her emotional journey is not without a glimmer of hope and transformation through a newfound state of resilience.

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